Carolina Munoz: “The Switch”

Carolina Munoz: “The Switch”

A fierce competitor and very talented martial artist, Carolina Munoz shares what martial arts means to her. Be sure to check out her Instagram! @StickYourKick

“Martial Arts has provided me with “the switch”. This switch gives me the ability to go from civilian to superhero, from victim to fighter. In hard situations, whether physical or mental, I can flip my switch when I need it most and turn into my own superhero. No matter how scary the situation is, I’m ready to tackle whatever is in front of me. Martial Arts has taught me, no matter how tall the mountain, how deep the ocean, how dark the road is, I can tackle it.

Day after day, we are confronted with daily struggles, some that require the most out of you. In those moments is where you drop everything, flip the switch, and have a fighter’s mentality. You attack this obstacle with all you have, all the strength, perseverance, and determination. Just like when you face an opponent in the ring, you feel prepared, but you never know what your opponent can do or what their game plan is, all you know is to give it your all, 100%.

Life is the trickiest opponent you’ll face but, as each martial arts class has demonstrated, you are constantly working to improve yourself so when the time comes to fight or flight, you fight. Flip the switch and be your own superhero. “

Carolina Munoz


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